Our theoretical and practical understanding of how adults learn, in general education, in training and in the workplace, has ensured we have been successful in receiving funding to conduct research to further these understandings and for the development of adult teaching, learning and ACSF aligned language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment resources.

The following resources, funded by the Department of Education and Training, have been developed to support delivery of the Skills for Education and Training (SEE) Programme:

Sample Pre-Training Assessment (PTA) Kits

Sample Pre-Training Assessment (PTA) Kits tailored to client cohorts:

  • Youth Literacy
  • Mature Aged learners, including English as an Additional language (EAL)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI)

Each PTA Kit contains:

  • comprehensive ACSF aligned assessment tasks aligned to all ACSF core skills from ACSF level 1 – 4
  • an Assessor Guide to support the PTA process and alignment of assessment outcomes to the ACSF

Benchmark Assessment Tasks

20 Benchmark Assessment Tasks across all 5 core skills, levels 1 to 4 of the ACSF

Each task consists of:

  • A Client Copy with text, questions and space for client responses
  • An Assessor Guide with sample responses and alignment to all possible ACSF indicators which can be demonstrated
  • An Unpacking Document which shows the link to the performance feature(s) which informed the question design

These resources are available to SEE Programme providers via the Department of Education and Training extranet site via the link below:

Online Video and DVD Resource

Online Video and DVD Resource: Pre-Training Assessments (PTA) and ongoing IPA / LOA assessments in the SEE Programme

To support teachers and assessors in the SEE Programme, the set of videos contains:

  • An Introduction to the PTA process
  • PTAs conducted with clients from Youth Literacy, English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) client cohorts. Each PTA is followed by comprehensive analysis and reporting of client performance against the ACSF
  • An Introduction to Interval Progress Assessments and Learning Outcome Assessments (IPA / LOA) in the SEE Programme
  • Assessments in the ACSF Core Skills of Learning, Reading, Writing and a range of core skills demonstrated through a Class Project. All assessments are followed by comprehensive analysis of alignment of tasks to the ACSF and reporting of client performance against the ACSF where applicable

This resource is available to SEE Programme providers via the Department of Education and Training extranet site via the link below:

The videos should be watched in conjunction with the samples of student performance and tasks referenced in the videos. These can be found on the Extranet/SharePoint site.
(Program Documentation and Resources > Provider Resources > ACSF and Assessments DVD and Online Video Resources)

Other resources developed by LWA:

LLNP RESOURCE PROJECT: Resource for LLNP teachers working with Indigenous Learners

PUTTING LLNP TO WORK: A Workplace Experience Resource for LLNP Providers

Contact us at info@lwa.net.au for LLN resources tailored to your needs